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Installation Guidelines:

1. For better performance of the product, ALQON recommended water pressure should be between 2.5 bar to 3 bar.
2. Better use 25mm pipeline instead of 20mm to ensure better pressure of water. Lay pipeline straight & vertical to get maximum water pressure.
3. To ensure uninterrupted pressure of water, it is advisable to keep the pipelines straight with minimum number of bends, which will support smooth flow of water.
4. All the supply lines must have vent pipes. These vent pipe help in removing air-locking in the water supply to give a smooth flow of water from the fittings.
5. Prior to plastering or fixing tiles, test the working of all installed concealed/diverter fittings on high pressure to check for leakage for insert, if any.
6. Place the outlet point in the overhead tank at least 25 cm above the ground level of the tank. This prevents the flow of foreign particles, sand etc., along with water supply into the fittings and thereby prevents the possible damage to the working parts. Clean the tank thoroughly before the supply start. It is suggested that the overhead tank must be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid inflow of foreign particles.
7. It is suggested that center to center distance from hot & cold inlet for all types of wall mounted wall mixtures should be maintained at 150+/-10mm where any of our wall mixers from different ranges can be easily installed without any problem.
8. Excess length of the threads should be cut to suit inside the elbows; also wrenches and spanners should be softened by using or cotton inserts before tightening the taps.
9. Cover the taps/mixers with poly pack after installations, till they are put to regular use, to protect the fine finish of fittings from dust, strains, paint, chemicals and damages during construction.
10. Over-tightening gives friction to threads that reduces the life of the fitting.
11. Do not lean or put excessive weight on taps. Excessive weight can damage or even break the taps.
12. Fittings should be operated gently while turning on/off.
13. Buy ALQON products from company’s authorized dealer’s only to ensure genuine quality material.
14. Insist on genuine ALQON spares from company’s local service center or its authorized dealers in case of any repair or replacement.

Care & Cleaning:

1. Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the product before applying to entire surface of the product. ALQON recommends the use of ALQON Cleaning Solution.
2. Use a soft dampened sponge or cloth to clean, never use abrasive material like a bristle brush or scouring pad.
3. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, or acid. Most toilet cleaning products have high acidic content which can damage the chrome finish, hence they should not be used to clean chrome finish.
4. Use a mild detergent (such as dishwashing soap). Do not use abrasive cleaners.
5. Rinse and be sure to wipe the entire surface dry.
6. For perfect foam flow of water, the aerators should be cleaned regularly.